Welcome to MATCH-ADTC: Demonstration Site

This demonstration site provides you an opportunity to review the basic functioning of the full MATCH-ADTC site. The demonstration site allows you to walk through all of the core protocols, but only provides full functionality for the Cognitive BLUE practice and materials.

The MATCH-ADTC is a psychosocial treatment package designed for use with families of youth between 8 and 13 years of age experiencing problems with anxiety, depression, traumatic stress, or disruptive behavior. The package consists of a guiding protocol for each primary problem and 33 practice modules. Each practice module includes a procedural guide for therapists along with worksheets, handouts, and assessment records for youth and their families.

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  • Use the Interactive Mode to guide you through the protocol for a primary problem

Download (58 MB) a full version of this site to use without an Internet connection. Disabled for Demonstration.

Download (9 MB) a pdf of the full print version of the MATCH-ADTC. Disabled for Demonstration.

Citation: Chorpita, B. F., & Weisz, J. R. (2009). Modular approach to therapy for children with anxiety, depression, trauma, or conduct problems (MATCH-ADTC). Satellite Beach, FL: PracticeWise.
Delivered via the PracticeWise Guided Practice System [Daleiden, E. & Reeser, C. (2009). Guided Practice System (GPS). Satellite Beach, FL: PracticeWise.]