MATCH-ADTC: Information Page

MATCH MATCH-ADTC is a bold redesign of evidence-based treatment of childhood anxiety, depression, trauma, and conduct problems. Extensively tested in community mental health settings as part of the Child STEPs clinical trials, this innovative system is the ultimate practitioner’s toolbox: a wealth of well-organized resources that can be deftly adapted for a diverse array of children and problems. The program combines 33 procedures—drawn from the most successful evidence-based treatments—into a single, flexible system. Comprehensive flowcharts guide the process of care, streamlining treatment to fit the child’s needs while fostering individualization to address comorbidity or therapeutic roadblocks. The system provides clear step-by-step instructions, activities, example scripts, time-saving tips, monitoring forms, and easy-to-read explanatory handouts and worksheets for children and their caregivers.

MATCH-ADTC is available in two formats:

    • An online, interactive format (including electronic access to all modules, reproducible handouts and worksheets, a downloadable PDF of the complete manual, and Spanish handouts for caregivers) for $94.00
    • Or, as a paperback book for $99.00